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Unique jewelry


Natural materials, mainly wood, but also shells or flowers, we are combine with high-quality transparent resin and dyes. We do not use ready-made forms, the shape is given individually, there is no other identical item. The nature of wood, its various pattern, jars and coloration make individual items unique and unusual.

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Each product is made of natural wood. Differences in appearance, knots, natural cracks are a deliberate effect that adds uniqueness to objects.


Unique packaging

For each product we can create a wooden box with a unique individual shape.

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We use only recycled wood as well as natural finishing and protective agents to preserve the natural structure of the tree, and at the same time make the items made of it look friendly and safe for man and the environment.


Original projects

Each item is the result of manual work, starting from the idea, through the design, to the finished object. The shape is gived individually, we do not use ready-made molds - you can be sure that no one else will wear the same item as you! 

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